About packing, is it okay to have tag or other packing material?

Our basic purpose is to prevent buckles from damage during the shipping. If customers have your own packing regulation, we are okay to discuss and cooperate.

About shipping, can you export to other countries?

Our business focuses on export mainly so it is no problem shipping to abroad and have cooperated with logistics for years.

What’s the lifespan of buckles?

Except for any severe environment and crash on purposely, the buckle can endure 2-3 years under normal usage.

How's your quality?

We can provide samples for approval. And we do 100% QC by ourselves. Hope to provide our customers with the best products.

Do you produce by yourselves?

ECHO factory was found in 1985 and provide customers with a train service. From idea design to production, we can give you the best service.

What’s your MOQ?

Based on the customer’s inquiry. We can cooperate and quote a suitable price for you.

If there is no preferred style, what can I do?

There are only covered our partial products on the website. Feel free to ask us directly through any channels. If you can, it will be better to provide some pictures so that we can find the most similar products to you accordingly.

What's the lead time for sample and bulk order?

Usually, the lead time for the sample is around 2 weeks. For buckle orders, it takes around 25 workdays. Depends on the complexity of each product will have different.