• P35-3615
  • P35-3615
  • P35-3615
  • P35-3615

Buckle with Clip P35-3615

◆ Belt Size: 35mm
◆ Finishing: Nickel Brushed
◆ Material: Zinc Alloy
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Product Description

The square metal buckle is removable, can be taken apart when you need to trim the belt. If the belt is too big for you, you can cut the belt’s strap to the size you need and fits your waist better. casual, dress, durable, fashion, classic, versatile. Highly Matches dress pants, jeans, khakis, slacks, chinos, twills, or cords. and is the perfect chioce for work, sports, special occasions, outdoor ativities , job interview or special meetings. The belt helps you to have a fantastic first impression to everyone.
√ Different finishes available
√ Laser LOGO

Product Feature

ECHO Item No. P35-3615
ECHO Finishing Code NS+A
Belt Size 35mm 
Finishing Nickel Brushed
Weight 45g (w/o belt)
Material Zinc Alloy

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