• P35-3677
  • P35-3677
  • P35-3677
  • P35-3677

Buckle with Clip P35-3677

◆ Belt Size: 35mm
◆ Finishing: Gunmetal
◆ Material: Zinc Alloy
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Product Description

There is no doubt that this will become your new everyday belt. It has a simple strap with stitching, a sleek metal harness buckle, and a classic English tip. With 5 holes along the strap, you will get the perfect fit to secure your pants.
√ Different finishes available
√ Laser LOGO

Product Feature

ECHO Item No. P35-3677
ECHO Finishing Code DPS+A
Belt Size 35mm 
Finishing Gunmetal
Weight 45g (w/o belt)
Material Zinc Alloy

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