• P30-2548
  • P30-2548

Mens Real Leather Belts

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Product Description

As a belt buckle manufacturer, we produce not only Belt Buckle belt but hardware accessories.
For the finishes, gold belt buckle, silver belt buckles, nickel buckle are all available.  
If you need other special finishes, welcome to your inquiry.
Belt Buckle ECHO P30-2548 30mm pin buckle with clip
Different finishes are available and if you need other belt size. Welcome to ask us for further information!
And build your leather belts for men.
There is only part of our buckles presented on the website. Feel free to ask us any questions.
Hope to receive your messages soon.

Product Feature

ECHO Item No. P30-2548
ECHO Finishing Code (NS+NS)+A
Belt Size 30mm 
Finishing Brushed Nickel
Weight 52g (w/o belt)
Material Zinc Alloy

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