• P40-4960
  • P40-4960
  • P40-4960

Industrial Belt Fashion

Fully Adjustable Military Web Belts for Man 40mm High Performance Cost Ratio Customized P40-4960
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Product Description

Matte finishes and Smooth edges. Belt buckle for man replacement leather belt easily removable buckle, you can cut the belt to your ideal size. It is a perfect match for different colored belts. 
Our company has over 30 years of experience. You can totally trust us. From original product design to make molds of production, we have our own complete production line, handmade polishing technique. 
We are looking forward to your messages. 
  • Side: 40mm 
  • Rectangle shape 
  • Made in Taiwan 
  • Military Buckle 
  • Customize 
  • Color: A variety of colors available

Product Feature

ECHO Item No. P40-4960
ECHO Finishing Code Customized
Belt Size 40mm 
Finishing Customized
Weight 51g (w/o belt)
Material Iron

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