• S35-8118
  • S35-8118

Mens Cloth Belts

35 MM Plate Belt Buckle S35-8118 With Reversible Accessories Leather Belt
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Product Description

This is men design belt buckle. The belt can fit with jeans and any casual outfits. It have high delicate satin finish with two side of diamond grid design. It is great for people who like to be unique. The belt buckle also have the reversible accessories for you to switch the side of your belt.
Our company has been making belt buckle for over 30 years, accumulate a lot of professional experience and we're able to development mold, make a 3D printing to help you create your own unique designing belt and belt buckle.
There are more products in our website, we welcome your questions, and hope to receive form you soon. 

Product Specification

ECHO Item No. S35-8118
ECHO Finishing Code (NDPS+DP+DP/DP)+B
Belt Size 35mm 
Finishing Matt Brushed Gunmetal
Weight 84g (w/o belt)
Material Zinc Alloy

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